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Connecting the Dots Between Business and Design

I am a senior design strategist and early-stage product development director with experience playing a leading role in creating breakthrough products for preeminent healthcare, software, and design companies. I leverage Ph.D. in new product engineering and MFA to integrate technology, business value, and design.

My professional and academic experience includes working with, facilitating and teaching teams from the around the globe in a wide spectrum of domains including Product Service System Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Business Innovation, Digital Transformation, Digital Health Design, and FinTech.

My desgin practice has encompassed lighting design, interaction design and programming, product-service-system design, digital health design, designing for the new financial landscape, design for value creation, painting, speaking, teaching, advising and consulting.

Some of my accomplishments and core strengths include:

Product Design

I create user-centered designs that maximize business results for startups, SMBs, an Fortune 500 companies in fintech, healthcare, software, food & beverage, B2B, and B2C. I have designed and taught capstone design at Stanford, Berkeley, Royal College of Art, Politecnico di Milano, and Technológico de Monterrey.

Design Methodologies

I develop novel, research-based, and impactful design processes including 

  • Design for Value Creation (DVC), a process for connecting the dots between business and design in early stage development that reduces risks, lowers costs, and insures grounded insights from customers and partners

  • Designing as Performance (DaP), a training method for high-performance teams

  • MEDGI, a foundational practice for teams seeking to create disruptions in the current product-service landscape

  • PretoVid Process, a data-driven, human-centred system design method for envisioning new products and services

These methods are in use by over 80 companies, and has enabled them to reduce development costs by integrating proven ways to integrate human-centred design, business, and technology. These methods are taught at 6 major universities. 

Product Development

​I play a leading role in integrating the latest machine learning and AI processes into FinTech, operations, and digital health platforms, creating products, services, systems, and tools that stakeholders love to use.

I was awarded a U.S. patent for designing and developing a healthcare product that Olympic athletes and Fortune 50 company founders have used.

Process Excellence

I have helped organizations strategize and implement phase-optimized processes for uncovering new directions in product and service development.


I have built design cultures at a wide range of organizations from startups to SMEs to multinational companies.

I have supervised and managed design teams for over 25 years, and have mentored dozens of designers and entrepreneurs in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

I created new design curricula at Stanford University, that brings together diverse and multi-disciplinary teams to create compelling new products and services.

I revamped the Global Innovation Design Programme at the Royal College of Art in London, quadrupled student enrollment, and supervised creation of numerous successful products.

I have managed crews in multimillion-dollar feature film, television shows and commercials.


I have demonstrated design’s impact on business to many C-level managers and presented innovative design strategies and led workshops at MIT’s Media Lab,  gave SAP EMEA, Ambrosetti (Italy), and the Hasso Plattner Institute Academy (Germany). I have secured features in many mainstream media outlets, wrote and published several peer-reviewed articles on design theory & methodology, human-centred systems for health & wellness, and design thinking.

My expertise is in creating a bridge between cutting edge design theory and day-to-day practice by providing design teams with tested conceptual frameworks and physical tools for ideation, prototyping and empirical testing. Polymath, Iconoclast, Classicist and Lover of Pop Culture, I engage and inspire diverse communities to think outside the box, to reach and deliver far beyond expectations.

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