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What are the characteristics and mechanisms of change?


I am fascinated by how one thing unfolds to become another.

I study how change is made in diverse fields and distill these
into novel formal methods that can be brought to a wide range of fields
to create new phenomena.

In the course of my doctoral research at Stanford University's Center for Design Research, in my subsequent work at the Royal College of Art London and in my work founding and heading the Digital Health Design Lab at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, I developed a collection of frameworks for understanding how change is made and for making change. With my research team, we have distilled these into highly effective performative patterns that characterize the interactions of high performance teams.

Amongst these are:


Design for Value Creation

Designing as Performance

The Dimensions of Engagement

Media Models

Path Determination


Four Forces of Change

In addition to workshops, classes and presentations, my research team has created a collection of publications, method cards, and modalities that support product, service and system design.

These methods and materials have been tested in both the university setting and in industry with numerous startups, SMBs, and multinational companies like SAP, Itelligence and Accenture.

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