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These are the people with whom I work and have worked that inspire me. The list includes teachers, mentors, colleagues and students, though these categories seem to blend into one another as time passes. While they come from diverse fields, they all have in common courage and fresh insights about how great design is practiced.


Jaron Presant, Cinematography and Image Design; 
Austin Houldsworth, Critical and Speculative Design;
Joaquin Santuber, Legal Design;
Larry Leifer, Center for Design Research Stanford University;
David Beach, Product Realization Lab Stanford University;
Craig Milroy, Product Realization Lab Stanford University;
Banny Banerjee, ChangeLabs Stanford University;
John Barton, Stanford University;
Barbara Tversky, Stanford University;
Christoph Lippert, Digital Health Center Hasso Plattner Institute;
Miles Pennington, Design Lab University of Tokyo;
Yu Morishita, University of Tokyo;
Malte Jung, Cornell University;
Wendy Ju, Cornell Tech;
Martin Steinert, Norwegian University of Science and Technology;
Cabiro Cautela, Politecnico di Milano;
Fabrizio Pierandre, PACO;
Robert Hirschfeld, Software Architecture Hasso Plattner Institute;
Soh Kim, Food Innovation Stanford University;
Cole Patterson, Switchback; 
Isaac Waisberg, Tel Aviv University; 
Alejandro Ramos Saavedra, Cosmorama;
James Johnson, getMade Design;
Alon Meron, Alon Meron Design

Steve Yedlin, Cinematography

Rian Johnson, Filmmaker



These are the labs in which I work and with which I am closely connected. While they perform different kinds of work, they all share a commitment to being on the cutting edge of design and practice. 


The Research to Impact Group

Funded by the Hasso Plattner Foundation, the Research to Impact (R2I) Group is transforms academic research in Design Theory and Methodology into research driven curricula for teachers and practitioners.

R2I runs professional and academic workshops.

Click here to learn more about The Research to Impact Group

Digital Health Design Lab

The Digital Health Design Lab (DHDL) is a resource for the digital health community, serving students, researchers, and industry partners. The DHDL offers accessible, user friendly design analytics tools to digital experts and non-experts to evaluate and test user experience in interfaces, products and services enabling rigorous, data driven insights about user experiences and interactions across diverse design applications.

The DHDL provides  a platform to leverage proven instruments, methods, research pathways for data collection and analysis of multimodal data and digital trace data for human-centered user experience design.

Click here to learn more about the Digital Health Design Lab

The Center for Advanced Design Studies

The Center for Advanced Design Studies (CfADS) focuses on translational research across disciplines, bringing cutting edge theory to practice and cutting edge practice to theory. The Center for Advanced Design Studies examines how change is made in different domains and translates that knowledge across domains. 

CfADS presents interviews with leading voices in design from across a wide range of disciplines with a special interest in the impact of digital media on culture, from legal design to currency design, from cinematography to machine learning.


CfADS facilitates workshops and offers consulting services to bring change to organizations. 

Click here to learn more about the Center for Advanced Design Studies

Designing the Design Assignment

A current project running at the Center for Advanced Design Studies is Designing the Design Assignment, which invites teachers and practitioners in diverse fields to share their favorite design assignments.

Click here to learn more about Designing the Design Assignment


These are the organizations with whom I work and have worked. They are public and private, academic and industrial, large and small. They all share an interest in the advancement and application of new insights in design theory and methodology. 




Goodradigbee Distillers

Politecnico di Milano

The Product Realization Lab, Stanford University

The Hasso Plattner Insititute Academy

The Center for Design Research, Stanford University

The Digital Health Center, Hasso Plattner Insititute

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